A New Look at a Different Side Las Vegas

Everyday LBookCover_clipas Vegas: Local Life in a Tourist Town, a new book by Rex J. Rowley, provides a new view of a city that most people think they know all about.  Now available from the University of Nevada Press and other book retailers.

Praise for Everyday Las Vegas:

“I would recommend Everyday Las Vegas to those interested in the social con- struction of place, tourism, urban life, insider/outsider relations, or for anyone planning a trip to Sin City.”  —Contemporary Sociology, 2014, 43: 5, p. 761.

“This is the first book that focuses on the neglected portion of Las Vegas—the area in the shadow of the glitter. By examining the lives of the residents who comprise the city, the common folks who are often neglected in other studies, this book makes a major contribution to both the literature on Las Vegas and . . . the geography of everyday life.”  —Richard Francaviglia, author of Believing in Place: A Spiritual Geography of the Great Basin

“Rex Rowley considers Las Vegas from an angle that gets far too little attention: what it’s like for the people who live and work there, and what the place means to them. Whether you’re a Las Vegan by birth or choice, or a scholar trying to figure out both ‘Sin City’ and the people who make it tick, you will learn something from this insightful book.”  —Michael S. Green, coauthor of Las Vegas: A Centennial History

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